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Make Money Playing Computer Games Online - Earn Cash From WoW & Second Life

make money playing computer games

The latest craze online is with people playing MMORPG games, such as World Of Warcraft, which are multiplayer PC games that are played on the Internet with people from all over the world. In most of these types of games you can earn a virtual currency, which can actually be sold to people in real life enabling them to make real, physical money.

Although Blizzard, the computer game manufacturers, never actually considered that people could make money in real life from playing the computer game, the fact that it is such a popular and addictive game means that users have been able to profit from playing the game online. Some people are selling their virtual items in the real word, on auction sites such as eBay. The same can be said for online game Second Life, which is a free computer game only available to download and play online. These games both offer virtual money and other various items, most of which can be traded online with other players. People get so addicted and engrossed in the games that they actually try to buy in-game items off of other players, by using sites such as eBay to trade real money for their virtual money.



make money from world of warcraft

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft is the latest game in a very popular series of PC based computer games called Warcraft. World Of Warcraft is an online based multiplayer game, which people pay a monthly subscription fee to play. It can take hours and days to train up your 'creatures', and you can also buy, sell and trade items in-game. This has opened up a market which the World Of Warcraft game producers Blizzard Entertainment weren't expecting. Thousands of people sell virtual money and other pieces of valuable game information on online markets such as eBay. This means that anyone else that has the World Of Warcraft computer game can also start to make money from the game.
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earn money from second life

Second Life

Second Life is a completely free game which can be downloaded from the Second Life website. The game is used by millions of people worldwide, and is a very realistic virtual world based game - in which you can get a job, create things, sell things, and much more. The game has its own virtual money, and like World Of Warcraft this virtual money is being sold on online markets like eBay. You can also make money from Second Life by offering your services in-game to create items for people, or to work for people. Money gained in the game is valuable and can easily be resold on sites like eBay for real money.
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