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Not many people know that you can play free skill games online and still be able to win cash prizes for doing so, without having to risk any money at all.

Plenty of people are willing to pay money for the chance to win money playing online skill games, but most people don't realise that you can actually play games for free and still win money. When playing free cash games online, there is less of a chance of winning money compared to paying to play for money. This is understandable though, as you don't expect the free game site to be able to give out cash prizes for every player. All you need to do to get started is find a free online cash skill game website, register to open a free account, and then start playing or competing against other players. You may wonder how these websites can afford to give out cash prizes when they aren't actually earning any money themselves. Well, the answer is quite simple. They earn money through advertisements that get displayed on the website whilst you are playing your games. Also they may ask if you would like to receive special offers via e-mail, another way that they can generate revenue from you and thus enabling them to give out money as a prize on a regular basis.



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Play And Win

Play and Win is a free cash game site aimed at the United Kingdom. You can join the site for free, and then compete in free games. You gain 'tokens' for competing in these games, and you can also gain these by performing other simple tasks on the Play and Win website. Every so often there will be a prize draw, and if your token is chosen you will win a cash prize. The more tokens you have, the higher your chance of winning a cash prize.
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get me gaming free skill game money

Get Me Gaming

Get Me Gaming is another free cash gaming website which is again aimed at people of the United Kingdom. Again you can join the site for free and compete in free games with the chance of winning cash instantly. The Get Me Gaming website will occasionally ask you to answer some marketing-related surveys, which enables you to play the games on the site for free. Get Me Gaming is similar to other cash skill game sites like King and World Winner, the only difference is that Get Me Gaming is free to join and use, even though you may have to answer a few occasional permission marketing questions.
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free skill game site zylom

Zylom Games

At Zylom you can play games online for free with the possibility of winning money. You can visit the site and download the games that are available on their website, with a wide variety of over 100 games to choose from. You can play for free and just for fun, but with some games you have the chance to win cash prizes. After 5 plays of a game you will need to register with Zylom for free, and then you will be able to have unlimited plays of the games available from Zylom. They will use information obtained from Cookies and will pass these details on to other companies, which is how they can afford to pay out money on their website.
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