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Cashback websites are quite a well kept secret on the Internet. Not many people know that they can get paid to shop online, or get paid to perform certain transactions. Thankfully for online gamers, cashback websites extend out to online cash game sites.

This means that you can get paid to play games online, and compete against other opponents knowing that if you lose the cash game you will still not have lost any money - because you will be receiving cashback anyway. Cashback websites earn money when you perform a transaction from on their website. This could be a simple transaction such as purchasing goods at an online shop, or opening up a bank account at an online banking site. The cashback website earns a set amount of money when someone performs one of these transactions (called affiliate earnings) and part of this money is passed on to the shopper. Therefore the cashback website is earning money, and the person shopping is also earning money.

The Best Cashback Website To Join

There are loads of cashback websites that are available to join for free but we feel that only 1 cashback site stands out as being the best, and that is Rpoints. You may or may not be aware that all cashback websites keep a certain amount of "profit" from the transactions that you complete. Say for example that you decide to join and you deposit £10 and qualify for the cashback. If you use the Rpoints website you will be able to claim the full amount of cashback - in this case it might be £10. However if you use another cashback website they might only give you £9 of the cashback, and thus keep £1 as their own profit.

Rpoints offers the best rate of cashback (they have a "highest cashback" claim which means they will match any other cashback sites rate), and they have an excellent customer service setup as well as a busy forum where you can find the latest bargains and interact with other cashback shoppers.

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Making Money From Cashback Websites

To make money from a cashback website all you need to do is find one to join and then open a free account (start by clicking one of the above 4 website links). Once you have opened your account you should log in to the cashback website which you have just joined. There are many different ways to earn money from a cashback website. Some will give you money for clicking adverts, some will give you money for performing searches at search engines, but all cashback websites will pay you money to shop online, or to make some kind of an online transaction. In the case of this website, you will probably want to get paid to play skill games online.

Simply browse through the cashback website and find the online gaming section. Look for any skill game sites like King and World Winner. Simply check the terms of the cashback - you might have to deposit £10 at the gaming site and you will receive £10 cashback from the cashback website you use. Now you have a way of getting paid to play online skill games, and even if you lose your cash game you won't have lost any money - because you will be earning cashback. Simply log back on to the cashback website when you are done, and view your online statement. If you did everything correctly it would have tracked your transaction at the skill game site, and you will be able to withdraw your cashback earnings.


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